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Portable Body Fat Analyser with Hand-held Health Monitor

RM 55.00


Product Features & Specifications:
Uses 2 AAA batteries
Size: 24x6x4cm
Easy to read digital display
Provides accurate measurement results in 7 seconds
Stores up to 9 personal profiles
Simply input your personal data hold the grip electrodes while standing and press START
Body fat analysis is a terrific way to monitor results of diet and exercise as part of a fitness program
Uses the bioelectrical impedance method (BIA) measures body fat percentages, body mass indices, and kilocalories to represent values of metabolism
Great way to find out if the weight you're losing is fat and not muscle

How to use:
Grip the machine handles for about 7 seconds. 
Feed in the required information regarding your height, weight, age and gender. The body fat analyzer will use electrical impedance to measure your body fat against your lean body weight, thereby calculating your BMI
Use it when you wake up, two hours after meals, or at bedtime to see if your fat percentage has increased or decreased

7 - 10 working days delivery lead time

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