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Mozztech E-Buzz Mosquito Killer

RM 188.00

Colour :  Black

  • Indoor Mosquito Control
  • SIRIM Approved



- Quiet ‿No zapping or loud noises
- Odourless
- No pollutants - Environmentally-safe
- Insecticides and Pesticides-free
- Low operation cost
- No messy sprays
- Titanium Dioxide coated collar ‿will never rust, corrode or
   need replacement
- Powerful suction fan
- Simple operation
- Easy installation
- Easy and low maintenance


How Mosquitoes Find Their Targets
When people and animals breathe, they exhale an invisible mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and Octenol ( a type of alcohol) along with a trace of moisture. Mosquitoes and other biting insects have ultra-sensitive receptors which can detect the presence of these chemicals, from almost 100 feet away. The attraction is so powerful, they immediately fly toward the source of the chemicals.

Moreover, circulating blood in animal and human targets radiates body heat. Mosquitoes also have sophisticated heat sensors to help them locate blood, their food supply. In effect, mosquitoes become heat-seeking missiles, following both exhaled gasses and body heat directly to their target. Within 30 feet, mosquitoes can actually see their victims. When they arrive, they fly around the victim to find landing sites where blood is closest to the surface.


How MozzTech Mosquito Trap Works
The Mosquito Trap lures, traps and kills mosquitoes and other biting insects in bright indoors and in dark outdoors by a combination of:
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
- Ultraviolet Light
- Heating Film Technology
- Specialized Colour Pattern

Female biting mosquitoes require blood to nourish their eggs. They get that blood from you, your family, your pets and your friends. They track down hosts by sensing the carbon dioxide, moisture and heat from breath, body odour and colour contrasts. The creation of an unlimited amount of carbon dioxide is done with a photocatalytic reaction occurs between a Titanium coated metal collar and near ultraviolet light from either the two UV lamps built in the unit or from natural sun light. Decoyed mosquitoes enter the trap through the capture windows on the upper portion, and then are drawn into the capture net at the lower compartment. When they are drawn into the net, they are unable to fly upwards due to the strong current of the suction fan. Once trapped, all the insects will eventually die due to dehydration.


What is Photocatalytic Reaction
Photocatalytic is a decomposition reaction formed when Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), as a catalyst, absorbs Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight or illuminated light source (ultraviolet lamps). TiO2 can be used semi-permanently because, as a catalyst, it is not consumed in the process and therefore does not change.



Benefits of Photocatalytic Reaction 
When small amount of near ultraviolet rays from sunlight or ultraviolet lamps and organic matter on the surface of TiO2 meet and react, the photocatalytic oxidation will effectively disinfect, deodorize, clean and purify air and different surface areas.


- Deodorising Effect: Effectively decomposes the air around us
   by strong oxidation decomposition capacity
- Anti-Bacterial Effect: Utilizes the strong oxidation capacity to    kill bacteria and suppress the multiplication of bacteria
- Self-Cleaning Effect: The protective film of TiO2 provides the    self-cleaning function by becoming antistatic, super oxidative    and hydrophilic.
- Air Purifying Effect: Photocatalyst accelerates the oxidation process in the atmosphere and decomposes any air borne toxic    organic matters.


Care For Your Trap 
Your E-Buzz Mosquito Killer requires very little maintenance. The capture compartment should be cleaned and washed when required.

Heavy catches of mosquitoes may result in a build-up of material in the internal casing and blade tips of the Fan. Please use the following cleaning techniques to clean your device.

1. Clean the unit once a week. Switch off the unit & pull out the plug before cleaning.

2. Turn the storage compartment anti-clockwise to remove it from the base.Steps
3. Clean the inside compartment with a brush.
4. 1/2 yearly cleaning: Repeat Step # 1 - 3. To clean other parts of the unit, separate the middle section from the top cover by removing all the screws at the top cover.Steps
5. Use a brush to clean the TiO2 coated panels. You may also use a damp cloth to wipe it gently.Steps





Size: 23.5 cm Diameter x 28.5 cm Height
Weight: 1.4 kg
Area of coverage: 3O sq meter
Power: 10W
Accessories Included: Operation manual
Warranty: Manufacturer's 6-Month Limited Warranty (Applies only in Malaysia). Warranty does not cover lamps and consumable items like capture compartment, TiO2 coated funnel & accessories.

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