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Motorola Baby Monitor MBP161TIMER

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The Motorola MBP161TIMER digital audio baby monitor with baby care timer is equipped with a high sensitivity microphone and DECT wireless technology for sound clarity. Relax and feel comfortable knowing your little one will come through loud and clear when they need you. The integrated baby care timer helps you and your caregivers keep track of your baby's day.


The MBP161TIMER is the first baby monitor designed to not only monitor your baby, but to help parents keep track of important details in baby's day. The integrated timer allows parents to set reminders of their little one's last feeding, diaper change, and naptime. Not only does the MBP161TIMER help keep track of reminders, but it helps sooth baby with the amber night light on the baby unit.


Two-way communication and an impressive 990 foot range helps you stay connected to your baby from anywhere in the house, while five integrated lullabies help keep your baby calm and relaxed, soothing them back to sleep. The MBP161TIMER is also equipped with a room temperature display so that you can ensure that it never gets too hot or too cold for your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the three timers represent on the product?

This helpful two-way device allows you to program when it is time for your child to be fed, nappy changed and when it is time to sleep.

Can I talk to my child through the device?

Yes. With this product, it's just a simple click of a button, and you can talk through the device to comfort your child.

How will I be notified if there is sound coming from my child's room?

With this device you will have two forms of notification: the audio coming from the speaker and the LED sound level indicator above the display.

Can I use the device as a night light for my toddlers room?

Yes, this device has a soothing night light that will comfort your child.

There is a room temperature feature on this device, what does that mean?

This product has a built in temperature sensor, allowing you to view the current temperature in your baby's room via the included monitor.


Warranty 1 year,  accessories 3 months from distributor malaysia 

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