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Easy Cheque Writer / Penulis Cek (software)

RM 500.00
  • Auto conversion of number to words. Example, you enter 268.50 in the amount field and the words will auto generate accurately as “Two Hundred Sixty Eight and Cents Fifty Only” or “Dua Ratus Enam Puluh Lapan dan Sen Lima Puluh Saja”.
  • Print cheque deposit information on the back of Cheques. This can be for cheques you issued or received from customers.
  • Print mailing address directly onto Envelop (save on labels).
  • Print return address directly onto Envelop.
  • Issue simple payment voucher with system generated number or you can give your own number.
  • Issue simple receipt for payment received. You can only enter your own receipt number here.
  • Complete reports for Bank, Pay To, Received From, Company and Date of cheques issued. These reports can also be published to PDF.
  • Export cheques issued and received to Excel for extended analysis.
  • this software is also an ideal Cheque database system. You can maintain and retrieve previously issued cheques. You can also keep records of cheques or cash you received from your customers.


1. Does it support any type of printer-Dot matrix, laser or color printer?
No problem. As long as the printer can print on small size paper. Try cutting a small piece of paper the size of a cheque, if it prints ok, then no issue.

2. Does it support mutiple cheque printing at a time?

No we have removed this feature. Reasons, if you load in multicheques, all it takes is one piece to be stuck in your printer and your sequence is off.

3. does it support Windows 7 & 8,9 10, 64-bit system ?
   Yes it does , But office must be 32bit.

4. do the software will automatically save the payee's name once printing?



Download more detail imformation in pdf!OMw1kZ4A!fqxvxC0spC5MurjzjJj0PCGGQ59FCsXyOOHm_o6GQTQ

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